Covid-19 Safe Management Measures SMM

Covid-19 Safe Management Measures

Hierarchy Of Controls for Covid-19

Covid-19 Hierarchy of Controls for Covid-19 Coronavirus

Site Layout with Work Zones and Segregated Pathways for different Teams

Visual Identifiers for Different Teams in order for Safety Management Officer (SMO) or Safe Distancing Officer (SDO) to ensure Teams work in their dedicated work zone and do not intermix and risk cross contamination.

Contact Tracing

Builders can create a Google Forms in order to collect contact tracing information from team members, visitors, etc via

Some of the Forms Inputs are : 1. Name, 2. Contact Number 3 Email 4. Date 5 Time 6. Company 7. Symptoms of Covid-19 8.Travel overseas for last 14days 9 Swab Test(Neg) within last 14 days 10 Vehicle Number 11.Purpose of visiting the Site 12. Visiting Work Zones 13.Trace Together App activated or Token

Covid-19 Cross Border Delivery Safe Management Measures ( SMM )
Safe Management Measures for Roving Sub-contractors (RSC) and Visitors

Ministry Of Health Covid-19 latest update:

Building Construction Authority Covid-19 latest update :

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