Continuous Learning

Develop Text Analytics Process

19_Develop Text Analytics Process_ 12May2018-1

Construction Safety Course for Project Manager

Construction Safety Course for Project Manager 05Apr2018

Develop A Risk Management Implementation Plan SOA _05Nov2019

Stastical Modelling-page-001Massachusetts Institute of Technology

System Engineering – Architecture of Complex Systems

01_MIT Architecture of Complex Systems

System Engineering -Models in Engineering

02_MIT Models IN Engineering_28May2017

Model-Based Systems Engineering : Documentation and Analysis

03B_MIT Model Based System Engineering_Documentation and Analysis_08Jul2017.jpg

Quantitative Methods in Systems Engineering

04_Quantitative Methods in Systems Engineering 08Aug2017

01_Google Analytics for Beginners 05Jul2017

01_Google -Cloud On Board Seminar 06Jul2017

MTA Security Fundamentals 01Nov2017-1

Certified Information Systems Auditor_01Dec2017-1