Continuous Learning

Safe Management Officer Course for Construction for Covid-19 Safe Re-start at
Microsoft Project 2019 and Project Online Essential Training

Infection Prevention and Control for Healthcare Support COC_17May2020

Infection Prevention and Control For Healthcare Support

1. Chain of Infection
2. Modes of Transmissions
3. Hand Hygiene
4. Personal Protective Equipment
5. Mask Fitting
6. Types of Precautions
7. Waste Management

Fundamentals of Nursing Informatics Certificate

Fundamental of Nursing Informatics

  1. Fundamental Concepts of Nursing Informatics
  2. Change Management Theories
  3. Database Management
  4. Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  5. System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  6. Information Security

IFMA Managing Facilities Project_26Apr2020

Develop Text Analytics Process

19_Develop Text Analytics Process_ 12May2018-1

ISACA Bronze Membership 1107366 (1)

Construction Safety Course for Project Manager

Construction Safety Course for Project Manager 05Apr2018

Stastical Modelling-page-001Massachusetts Institute of Technology

System Engineering – Architecture of Complex Systems

01_MIT Architecture of Complex Systems

System Engineering -Models in Engineering

02_MIT Models IN Engineering_28May2017

Model-Based Systems Engineering : Documentation and Analysis

03B_MIT Model Based System Engineering_Documentation and Analysis_08Jul2017.jpg

Quantitative Methods in Systems Engineering

04_Quantitative Methods in Systems Engineering 08Aug2017

01_Google Analytics for Beginners 05Jul2017

01_Google -Cloud On Board Seminar 06Jul2017

MTA Security Fundamentals 01Nov2017-1

Certified Information Systems Auditor_01Dec2017-1