April 2006 – Feb2008  Woh Hup-Shanghai Tunneling- Alpine  Mayreader Joint Venture

 Planning Engineer ( M& E Services) 工程师

C855 Circle Line Stage 4 –地铁环线第四阶段

Scope of Work:

Coordination Installation Program – CIP综合安装行程表

  • Coordination with 6 services wide contractor for a master plan for installation work so that installation works can proceed smoothly.

Some of the contractors include Alstom,Shinryo, Cegelec, Deluge, Kone,  Cheveliar and APP.

  • 与承包商协调安装先后程序 .
  • Understand the installation sequence of works for Architectural finishes, Civil works, Electrical and Mechanical works, Tunnel Ventilation Systems, Environment Control Systems, Electrical Services, Fire Protection Services, Lifts, Escalator and Automatic Fare Collections Systems.
  • Coordination with Tunnel Related Installation Program for delivery of major equipment delivery through track.
  • 协调引用铁路运输材行程表.
  • Understand the LTA requirements and implement on the plan.
  • 了解与符合陆路管理局要求.
  • Progress Monitoring of the works when installation works starts.
  • 监控安装进度.                                 

Woh Hup


Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co Ltd








C855 WSA Testimony

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