Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management with SCRUM

Agile project management is an iterative approach to delivering a project throughout its life cycle. Scrum is one of the agile methodologies designed to guide teams in the iterative and incremental delivery of a product. Often referred to as “an agile project management framework,” its focus is on the use of an empirical process that allows teams to respond rapidly, efficiently, and effectively to change.

Traditional project management  Agile Project Management -SCRUM
Fix requirements to control time and cost Fixes Time and Cost to control requirements
Business knows the product and require the project management to execute base on requirement. Frequent feedback collaboration with business to create the product.
Design is defined during project initiation or early in project to translate into project requirements -Design Freeze Design start with a broad vision and constant development toward the end product.

Constant Development/Continuous Integration


Agile Project Management methodlogy

Stacey Diagram- when to use Agile Project Management

Stacey-Diagram - 08May2020

Life Cycle Requirements Activities Delivery Goal
Predictive Fixed Performed once for entire project Single Delivery Manage Cost
Iterative Dynamic Repeated until correct Single Delivery Correctness of solution
Incremental Dynamic Performed once for given increment Frequent smaller deliveries Speed
Agile Dynamic Repeat until correct Frequent small deliveries Customer value via frequent deliveries and feedback.

Stacey Diagram- when to use Agile Project Management

Conituum of Life Cycle_08May2020

Project Manager can adopt a servant leadership role in an agile project and take up the role of a Coach, promoting

  • Purpose : Work with team to define “WHY?”
  • People : Team to work together to contribute across the project work.
  • Process: Results oriented process. Team focus process.

Agile Roles in local Singapore terms

  • crown_1f451Cross-Functional Team Members (“Kay Poh” King)
  • Sai Kang Warrior Badge with title_11May2020Product Owner (“Sai Kang” Warrior) -Customer Facing
  • One Leg Kick Spartan_11May2020 - CopyTeam Facilitator (“One Leg Kick”)


Sample Agile Management Digital Cloud base Kanban board -Trello

Currently there are a number of collaboration software like Trello, which can be used for the digital Kanban board which can sync with your application on your laptop, PC and mobile phone application and save you time in transferring information as it is Cloud based.

Trello Sample

Team Performance

  1. Agile measures the actual delivery from the team
  2. Working product
  3. Smaller deliverables

Agile Manifesto Values

Working software over comprehensive documentation.


Working software is the primary measure of progress.

Picture2 Burn Up Chart

No Manifestos Value Agile Practices
1 Individuals and interactions over process and tools. Servant Leadership

Team composition

Regular Stand Up

2 Working software over comprehensive documentation Backlogs

Demo/ review

3 Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. Measurements in agile projects

Procurement and contracts

Organization standards

Team composition.

4 Responding to change over following a plan. Retrospective

Backlog refinement


SCRUM- Agile Project Management Methodology

SCRUM 3pillars


Scrum –Development Team (Squad)

  1. 3 to 9 members max
  2. Self-organizing
  3. Contribute to the project daily
  4. Cross functional
  5. Can change only between sprints
  6. Creates the definitions of “DONE”
  7. All are called “Developers”

SCRUM meeting


  • Management Stakeholders
  • Project Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Development Team


  • Everyday
  • Max 15 minutes


  • Answer 3 questions on lesson learned. DONE>DOING>TO DO
  • “Parking Lot”


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