Singapore Authority Submission -SCDF Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) / Temporary Fire Permit (TFP) 消防安全證書

Fire Safety Certificate 消防安全證書

A Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) provides for the safety of the building’s occupants. Therefore, owners and their Qualified Persons (QP) whom they have engaged for their fire safety works are required to apply and obtain the FSC (application takes about 1 week)before using or occupying the premises. The FSC is only issued after full completion of all fire safety works in the project. Failure to comply with this is an offence under the Fire Safety Act and the owner is liable to court action.


SCDF Fire Safety Certificate SAMPLE _02May2020

Temporary Fire Permit 臨時防火許可證

A building owner may also obtain a Temporary Fire Permit (TFP) to use the premises for a limited period before obtaining the FSC. The TFP is only issued if the fire safety works of the project have been satisfactorily completed with only very minor outstanding issues. The timeframe to obtain the FSC after the TFP is issued depends on the size, type and complexity of the project.


Notice of Approval (NOA) 批准通知書

Usually the Qualified Person (QP) will submit a approved and endorsed design drawings (Architectural, Mechanical & Electrical Drawings) to SCDF for a Notice Of Approval (takes about 2 weeks) before construction start. An Acknowledge Letter will be issue by SCDF as shown below for receipt of drawings /plans.

通常,驗收合格人員(QP)會在開始施工之前向SCDF提交批准並認可的設計圖(建築,機械和​​電氣圖),以進行批准通知(大約2週)。 SCDF將簽發一封確認函,如下所示,以接收圖紙/計劃。

NOA Acknowledge Letter SAMPLE _02May2020

SCDF Notice of Approval SAMPLE_02May2020

Pre- Requisites

You should only apply for an FSC/TFP after:

  • plans for the fire safety works of the project have been approved and
  • works have been fully completed in accordance to SCDF’s requirements.

You also need an Inspection Certificate issued by a Registered Inspector (RI). Depending on the type of project, a RI (Architecture) and a RI (M & E) may be needed. Owners must engage RIs to inspect and certify the fire safety works of their project before applying to SCDF for an FSC/TFP.

RI Arch Form 1 Sample _02May2020

RI M&E Form 1 Sample_02May2020

No Activity Duration
1 Appointment of Qualified Person (QP)

->Letter of Appointment of QP

1 week
2 Appointment of Registered Inspector (Arch & M&E)

->Letter of Appointment for RI

1 week
3 Finalization of Design Layout Drawings 1 -2weeks

(depends on project complexity)

4 Establish Fire layout plan 1 week
5 Submission of drawings and plan to SCDF for Notice of Approval (NOA)

(Acknowledge letter to be receive.)

3 days
6 Notice of Approval issued by SCDF 1-2 weeks after submission if SCDF do not have comments.
7 Registered Inspection by RI(Arch) and RI(M&E) 1 -3 days

(depend on project complexity)

8 Rectification of RI comments 1 week
9 RI(Arch) and RI(M&E) submit to QP

1.       RI Inspection Certificate (Form 1 and 2)

2.       RI Report

3 days
10 SCDF Fire Safety Certificate application by QP through CORENET e-submission with

1.       TFP/FSC application form [FSSD-0-CSCDFSC01]

2.       CFSW (Certification for Fire Safety Works form (FSSD-0-CFSW)

3.       RI Inspection Certificates (Form 1 and 2)

4.       RI Inspection Report

5.       Letter of Appointment for RI

Application takes about 1-2 weeks.

More information at the following SCDF link: 

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