Medium Voltage 11kV Cable Termination to a Ring Main Unit

01_11kV Cable Termination to RMU

The above photo show the different stages of 11kV Cable termination into a Ring Main Unit (RMU).

In Stage 2, the 11kV cable has been pulled into the RMU and the cable end has been prepared for termination to the RMU. Note the grounding braided tape connected to the housing and the insulation sleeve which has been put in place before the termination begin.


The above photo show the stage 3 or 4 when the cable termination is completed. Note the grounding tape and data cable installation.

Medium Voltage 11kV Cable Joint Demonstration

Remove 1 meter of the Red [Oversheath];to expose the [Armouring] – Single Layer of galvanised circular steel wires – to be cut away.

Insert collar under the [Armouring] and tighten with external collar.

Remove black [Sheath], [Tape Binder], white[Laying up] to expose the copper[Metallic Screen].

Remove black insulation Screen to expose grey insulation.

Repeat for 2nd Cable.

Expose 10cm of the conductor, clean, add insulation and prepare for insulation test.

Insulation test before mechanical connection of cable conductors.


Remember to insert the final Oversheath in the last step before you joint the cable.

Mechanical joint of conductors, with heat shrink insulation and wrap over with braiding tape.

Wrapping of Armouring steel guard wire and testing insulation.